Vernon Republicans Endorse Laura Bush as their Candidate for the 56th House District

VERNON—Local Republicans on Wednesday evening unanimously endorsed Laura Bush as their candidate for the 56th District House Seat.

“This fight isn’t just about Republican or Democrat, it is about the future of our state,” Bush said to residents during the party convention held at the Vernon Town Hall. “We need a new majority in Hartford, we need more representatives who work for a living and know the struggles that face middle class taxpayers in this state. Losing is not optional, we need to win in November and it is going to take a lot of hard work.”

The district encompasses most of Vernon/Rockville. Laura has lived in town with her family for 18 years and has been actively involved with community, serving six years on the Board of Education and two terms on Town Council.

During her service on Town Council and the Board of Education, Laura, has received support from constituents who appreciated her commitment and effort.

“People in this district can’t afford new taxes on their tires, their cell phones, or their trips to local restaurants,” said Vernon Town Councilman Steve Wakefield, who went on to praise Laura’s energy and enthusiasm. “I have known Laura for many years, she is a proven hard worker and has the tenacity to take on an incumbent, and we need her energy representing us in Hartford.”

Laura Bush was nominated by retiring State Senator Tony Guglielmo and was seconded by Councilman Jim Tedford, the Republican nominee in the previous election and by Wes Shorts.

Bush is currently a kindergarten teacher in nearby Andover and with her husband Thomas has raised three sons who attended Vernon public schools.

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Paid for by Laura Bush for the 56th, Nancy Sluboski Treasurer. Approved by Laura Bush.